About us

Our gourmet chocolate covered nuts, delicious caramels, decadent chocolate truffles, elegant sandwich afternoon tea biscuits and Gourmet truffle brownies  all started off as a family affair.

In our family we love chocolates, biscuits, brownies and pastries in all forms, especially my late husband “Anthony” who always enjoyed my handmade creations and had always wanted me to turn my hobby into a business.

However my reply to him was always “we won’t make any money as you will polish off our profits” and so setting up Anthony James Chocolates in his memory has been a truly bittersweet project.

We use simple, yet elegant packaging and our aim has always been to produce unique, decadent chocolate truffles, luxury tea time biscuits, sublime and exquisite brownies for you and your loved ones as we as chocolate & caramel sauces that can help turn any desserts into masterpieces or simply enjoyed them at breakfast time.

Our Ingredients

Anthony James only uses ethical and  sustainably sourced premium chocolate from Madagascar, Ghana, Columbia, Sao Thome, Saint Domingue and the finest fresh ingredients go to produce our luxury products.