Luxury Handmade Brownies

Anthony James Chocolates Gourmet Brownies deliver nationally

A range of decadent and luxury handmade brownies collection for nationwide delivery and our subscription boxes straight to your door. Using fresh and premium high quality ingredients to produce the most amazing tasting luxurious brownies ever which double up as dessert too. We also supply trade such as coffee shops, contract caterers, hotels, cafes, airline caterers, train caterers, airport shops, tearooms and corporate for conference, meetings, product launches ant other events. 

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Anthony James Chocolates Gourmet Triple Chocolate Truffle Brownies deliver nationally Gourmet Triple Chocolate Truffle Brownie.

Enjoy our luxurious signature brownie which is guarantee to bring to a smile to anyone’s face. Gianduja Truffle Brownie

Indulge in this exquisite brownie made with hazelnut and lashing of high quality chocolate and fresh ingredients for truly amazing treat.


Mint BrowniesGourmet Chocolate Mint Truffle Brownie

Scrumptious, dark and decadently rich brownie that comes with fresh mint leaf hand dipped in chocolate.


Luxury Butter Caramel BrowniesGourmet Salted Butter Caramel Truffle Brownie Ruby Chocolate & Champagne Truffle Brownie

unique and mouth-watering products that are like no other on the market and truly represent our company and values.


Gourmet Peanut Butter Caramel BrowniesGourmet Peanut Butter & Caramel Truffle Brownie



Luxury Cointreau & Orange BrowniesGourmet Cointreau & Orange Truffle Brownie


Gourmet Lime & Coconut BrowniesGourmet Lime & Coconut Truffle Brownie


Luxury Pistachio Rose Brownies Gourmet Pistachio Rose Truffle Brownie

Luxurious and authentic


Luxury Matcha & Yuzu Truffle BrowniesLuxury Matcha & Yuzu Truffle Brownies


Grand Marnier & Chocolate Orange TiffinGrand Marnier & Chocolate Orange Tiffin


 Anthony James Chocolate -  Vegan Subscription Box  Vegan Subscription Box