Gourmet Ruby Chocolate & Champagne Brownies (Large Box of 6)

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Gourmet Ruby Chocolate & Champagne Brownies, exquisite ruby chocolate (the new fourth chocolate after dark, milk & white chocolate) and champagne brownies, these deliciously soft and chewy are created with double chocolate, topped with fine champagne ganache and covered with ruby chocolate for the ultimate brownies experience.
You can enjoy our delicious brownies at anytime as a snack, treat, afternoon tea, add ice cream or cream & fruit to warmed brownie to make a decadent dessert or give as gift. Whatever you decide, we are sure you and your loved ones would enjoy our brownies.

*Fresh and Premium professional Ingredients

*High Cocoa Content Chocolates

*No Artificial Colours & E-numbers

*No Cheap High Street Chocolates in our products.

*All Our Products & Chocolates Are Made In-house.

*Allergy Warning: May contain traces of gluten, milk, nuts and seeds.
*Store in an air tight container.