Luxury Liqueur Chocolate Truffles

Luxury Liqueur Chocolate Truffles

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A collection of  Luxury Liqueur Chocolate Truffles.

White: Single Malt Whisky: A truly unique and delicious single malt whisky and cocoa nib white chocolate ganache rolled in white chocolate shaving.

Marbled: Baileys - Sublimely delicious dark chocolate ganache with baileys encased in milk chocolate and rolled in marbled chocolate curls.

Pink: Champagne & Strawberry:Exquisitely rich and creamy with Marc de Champagne white chocolate ganache and rolled in strawberry blossom curl chocolate.

Chocolate: Grand Marnier: A luxuriously rich and creamy milk chocolate and grand marnier ganache, dipped in milk chocolate and rolled in chocolate splitters

Orange: Cointreau & Orange: - An exquisite cointreau and orange ganache made with dark chocolate and candied orange peel, encased in white chocolate and rolled on orange blossom curl chocolate.

*Allergy Warning: See ingredients in bold. May also contain traces of gluten, milk, nuts and seeds. * Store in a cool dry place away from sunlight.

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